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Why Customers Choose The Competition (And Not You)

Expert marketing ideas, advice and training for small businesses and startups. All based on the science of why customers choose the competition (and not you).


If customers don't notice you or know about your business, they'll choose your competition instead

And this creates questions that spin around in your head: 'Who's my target audience?' 'What do I say to them?' 'How is my business any different?’

But did you realise that there’s a science to getting chosen by customers? There are no secrets to it. In fact, it’s a science that I can teach you. And no, you don't need a PhD.

So what’s the inside scoop? How do you get chosen?

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Welcome to 'The Science Of Getting Chosen'

'The Science Of Getting Chosen' is a 5-stage marketing system that teaches you how to get customers to choose you over the competition.

The system is based on the latest thinking in marketing science and consumer psychology. It’s also based on my work for over 170 large and small businesses over 13 years. Each phase goes many miles deep, and is constantly updated. 

In short, you get marketing advice that's based on proven science via my free newsletter, training, eBooks and consultancy. 

Imagine how far you could take your business with that knowledge.


Why should you trust my approach?

I want you to 'try before you buy'.

I encourage you to read my free newsletter for as long as you want without having to risk a dime or a penny. Only once you are comfortable with my approach should you then purchase my consultancy, training or eBooks.

I don’t teach you how to get rich quick. I don’t guarantee you a gazillion email subscribers or Facebook followers in a month.

Instead, The Science Of Getting Chosen is based on rigorous research, laws of consumer behaviour and the latest marketing science. This means that you’ll get exceptional advice rooted in years of knowledge that will move your business in the right direction at the right speed for you.


Why people trust me

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"Picking the right marketing consultant is risky. I’ve worked with lots and I have to say that Simon is up there with the best.” 

Caroline Lotinga –Director, MOI Global, UK



"Simon is simply brilliant. A clear thinker with an ability to get up to speed quickly and is a true collaborator. He is full of ideas. Beyond work, he is also a really charming, humble bloke." 

Andrew Chaplin – Client Director, B2B Technology Director, UK



“Getting 100% clarity is always hard with consultants. With Simon you get that clarity. I recently worked with Simon on a new health drink product we are launching – his thinking helped us fine-tune our brand messaging and launch strategy.” 

Evan Michaels – Social Marketer & Social Activist, UK


What makes me different

I believe that it’s not the size of a business, but the size of the idea in a business that makes it great.  

That's why I push clients to find their Big Idea first.

A Big Idea lets you and your customers know what you stand for. It makes a small business standout, be loved by customers and get chosen over the competition. Too many businesses rush into the murky waters of short-term, tactical marketing. Yet, unless you find your Big Idea first, you’ll blend in with the competition, and leap blindly from one short-term tactic to another.

Every great brand, product or service of any size has a Big Idea at its core. I am here to help you to create and communicate yours, so that you'll give your customers a big reason to buy from you for many years.

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Plus there are no spammy, pushy selling tactics. Eugh. Just rigorous thinking, all based on The Science Of Getting Chosen.


Why people subscribe to The Big Apricot Newsletter

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"As someone starting up, I've struggled to find the right 'how-to' guidance at a detailed enough level to get started. Sure, there's stuff out there about building business cases, sourcing finance etc, but I didn't think that was the right 'fit' for my circumstances.

I guess I'm something of an information magpie  I collect lots of shiny information as I think I might be able to learn something or use it.  More often than not, it tends to end in an unsubscribe, as the barrage of emails that follow on have a constant up-sell that gets very tedious.
However, I found Simon's free Spartan Research report informative, and the follow-on newsletters easy to to consume. 
I think how Simon's packaged his material is very useful and helpful."

Gary Swanston – Entrepreneur, Southampton UK



"Love it: it’s packed full of applicable content, well-researched and plenty of real-world examples and case studies." 

Ian Thwaites – Director of LevelWater Charity, UK



"How refreshing to be sent an email in which someone has dared to write genuine, humorous, intelligent comment that actually tells you something you want to know. Thank you Simon Lamey!"

Jo McCarthy – Director, Summit Marketing Services, UK


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"Finally, a newsletter that I really like! It's full of useful insights and practical tips that I can apply to my business right away."

Jonathan Reese – Director, Waliba, UK


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"Simon's newsletter is a welcome relief from the fluff that permeates online marketing. Filled with actionable tidbits, 'real life' business lessons and unusual insights overlooked by others, it's on my 'must open' email list."

D'Anne – WebOpter, New Mexico


But wait!

I want you to be sure that my thinking is useful to you before you sign up to my newsletter.

You don’t want another newsletter clogging up your inbox.  So please read the articles on the blog first before signing up. Or read the quotes on this page from people who already subscribe.

Once you sign up, you’ll notice that I go places that most marketers don’t think to go to with their free stuff. That’s because I want you to feel that it’s a relevant, helpful newsletter that’s crafted with care every time.

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